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BER and shair 2.0 – 7 reasons for cooperation

17.10.2022 More non-stop long-haul flights instead of connecting flights lead to more travel comfort, higher energy efficiency and thus greener flying. 

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Press release 2022-08-18

Shair could have been used to fly more climate-friendly for 3 years already 
But the aviation industry and the German government have decided on the final phase-out
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BER - Germany's greenest airport 

21.02.2022 The catchment area of the new Berlin Airport, a top prerequisite also for becoming the greenest German airport with new non-stop direct flights.

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Circle line Germany centre/west

01.10.2020   What does Frankfurt have that Paris doesn't? 

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Air traffic – climate protection despite corona

01.09.2020   Find out how Shair is contributing to greener mobility.

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In the geographical centre of Germany: Erfurt

01.08.2020  What has Erfurt won and what has Frankfurt am Main lost?

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