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Meet Hanna & Finn

And now it's time for their detailed planning.

Finding a nice family apartment is no big challenge. Lisbon’s public transportation modes range from buses, the very typical Lisbon trams over elevators, Metro, trains up to ferries and a funny tourist train through the dunes.

Everything seems very easy. The family is living rather close to Hanover Airport. There are no direct flights, but the variety of services regarding transfer connections is striking. The family looks for flight connections at a reasonable price as well as a comparatively comfortable offer based on travel time and transfer. Transparency in terms of hidden costs regarding luggage or additional charges is important as well. And, finally very important and interrelated with Hanna's engagement with Fridays4Future is the family’s CO₂ footprint attached to intermodal offers.

Hanna, Finn and their parents find countless changeover offers, via Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, London, Barcelona, Vienna and even via Istanbul. From the travel time are acceptable.

Offers via Frankfurt, Paris or also Barcelona had acceptable transfer times. The range of services, however, extends all the way to those with two transfers or even flights, for example over airports in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. The longer and more unattractive the offers, the lower the price, the lowest, if you have to spend another night at the airport (without hotel). The mother of the two asks herself as a business economist, whether flight offers with such a waste of energy can still be profitable. In addition, Hanna draw attention to the public discussion, if cheap nonstop low-cost flights (with a lower CO₂ footprint) should be immoral compared with two or more connecting flights via hubs. So, the family is missing transparency regarding intermodal connections.

The map being attached shows that flight-flight connections (including those via Frankfurt) have a comparatively high CO₂ footprint. The most environmentally friendly are about the same time an intermodal connection (train/flight) via Frankfurt with a (not yet existing) non-stop flight between Hanover and Lisbon.

shair would be considered with regard to risk minimization and economies of scale through the use of a larger aircraft. For example, a German and a Portuguese airline could shair an airplane.

Selected travel options from Hanover to Lisbon

with CO₂ footprint per person


Map not to scale