About us


That stands for share an aircraft and means
more climate-friendly mobility.

The founders

Dr. Wolfgang Hildebrand

married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren


  • Abitur, degree in geography, Dr. phil. Diploma thesis and doctorate on mobility topics, logistics make-or-buy as well as intermodality in freight transport (container) and air transport (flight/train)
  • Three decades in operational as well as management functions in one rail as well as an air carrier
  • Language skills: English, French, Mandarin
  • IT knowledge and application experience with regard to Microsoft Office, MS Project and Airline Systems (CRS)


  • Project management skills successfully proven in intercultural global teams, especially in innovation projects
  • Ability to criticize and in the context of conflict resolution
  • Also in the context of leadership skills with social, communication and decision-making skills

My drive
Using my skills in social and ethical responsibility to make a small contribution to preserving our livelihoods for future generations.
With the above also to prove that economy and ecology do not have to be an irreconcilable conflict.

C. Benedikt Hildebrand



New Zealand degree

  • Master of Computer Science 

German degree

  • Diplom-Kaufmann


For fifteen years, self-employed and/or employed, activities in IT and/or organizational projects as director or senior business analyst with the following work areas:

  • Public sector digitization for several city administrations in cities in New Zealand with a focus on Auckland

  • Call center steering and monitoring processes for an American company

  • System development for large companies and ministries in Singapore, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates (public sector, public education system, oil industry)

The enterprise


shair: A step towards more climate-friendly mobility.


We provide an innovative aviation business model that avoids a significant amount of CO₂ emissions. This is largely done by consolidating flights based on coopetition.


We act responsibly towards people and nature. Our business system is designed to strike a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility.
We maintain trusting relationships with our business partners, customers (B2B & B2C), employees and stakeholders on the market.
We are a fair competitor in the market.