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Working for greener mobility

Travelling with a smaller CO₂ footprint

Meet Marie und Felix

Merging of flights

Meet Marie and Felix
The joy about the common destination does not last long, because in the departure hall they realize that they have booked different flights to Berlin...

Meet Hanna und Finn

Offering direct flights

Meet Hanna and Finn
Hanna, Finn and their parents find countless transfer offers. As a business economist, the mother asks herself: Couldn't flight offers be more economical and ecological? ...


Meet airline A and B
Different airlines, despite being competitors, share an aircraft. What's in it for both of them? And how is that realized?

Advantages of shair

shair offers a variety of advantages and opportunities
for different stakeholders such as:

Air travelers
A CO₂ footprint that is 15% smaller, see the story of the holiday trip with a (future) shair flight from Hanover to Lisbon.

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The CO₂ footprint is also 15% smaller. This is comparable to the story of Marie and Felix, which is about the parallel flights. Flying with shair may also cause a few remorse to “fly away”.

Airlines, here customer airlines that use shair aircraft
They benefit in two ways: economically and ecologically.

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economically generally from economies of scale when using a larger aircraft; in detail by a 15% lower consumption of kerosene per passenger.
Cooperation also minimizes the economic risk.
In addition, shair's cooperation concept ensures that the respective customer data of the customer airlines is not visible to the competing customer airlines.

The cabin configuration management system from shair will enable an individual cabin design in which e.g. the corporate colors of the airlines can be used to map their product, service and corporate features.
They benefit ecologically through a more environmentally friendly image. The striking 15% (reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per passenger) also have an ecological and economic impact on future control measures such as CO2 certificate trading or the “CO2 fee”.

shair operator airline(s)

They operate an innovative, environmentally friendly and future-proof business system.

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Future-proof insofar as the much-quoted 15% CO2 saving mechanism also applies to technically modern aircraft, e.g. from the Airbus neo family or comparable Boeing models.

The fuel savings of 15% also apply to bio-kerosene without harmful CO2 emissions. According to initial forecasts, bio-kerosene should cost three to five times more than conventional kerosene (Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry in Airliners June 20, 2018).

There are opportunities for both large and medium-sized international airports.

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For major international airports, qualitative growth comes before quantitative growth: more air travelers e.g. with the same number of flights mean less investment in capacity expansion.

Medium-sized international airports, such as Hanover, but also larger regional airports, can benefit from new risk-sharing flight connections with shair. Cooperation enables risk minimization for the customer airlines.

Ground transport provider (trains and buses) as an intermodal partner
Integrated offer planning and production between air and ground transport.

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The politic
shair is an innovative business system that can be implemented relatively quickly.

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Compared to conventional flight offers, this saves or avoids up to 15% fuel and correlating CO2 emissions.

One of Germany's economic advantages is its polycentric economic structure. This advantage can be expanded by shair (even CO2-saving) by using more direct flights instead of connecting flights. The latter can be accompanied by a reduction in feeder flights to the hubs.

A reduction in feeder flights can go hand in hand with partial intermodal substitution. In contrast to the nationalizations discussed, a market-based instrument such as a joint venture of feeder flights and parallel ICEs an option (with the ICEs limited to trips to and from the airports).
Creation of jobs, on the one hand for the further development of the business model in the direction of implementation and commissioning, and on the other hand for the development of the innovative cabin design. Corporate and product features of customer airlines in the aircraft cabin should be flexible, among other things are mapped using light and lighting effects.

For our earth
Here shair takes a small, important step to ensure that it remains livable for future generations.

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shair: A step towards more climate-friendly mobility.


We provide an innovative aviation business model that avoids a significant amount of CO₂ emissions. This is largely done by consolidating flights based on coopetition.


We act responsibly towards people and nature. Our business system is designed to strike a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility.
We maintain trusting relationships with our business partners, customers (B2B & B2C), employees and stakeholders on the market.
We are a fair competitor in the market.

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